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Quality Improvement

AP Associates have a range of practical tools to assist organisations as they seek to improve their systems and processes. Our expertise is in designing user-friendly diagnostic tools that will enable your staff to readily identify where problems are occurring and where corrective action is required. 

AP Associates uses the  MEERQAT (Map-enabled Experiential Review Quality Assessment Tools) innovative self-assessment system. This online tool facilitates organisational review at any level and for any type of activity. Our consultants work with a client to develop bespoke program logic maps that form the basis for the self-assessment tool.

Risk Management

There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of risk management. However, many managers struggle to see how it can be an effective tool for their work. Our approach is to:

  • analyse the way you currently assess risks and determine their potential impact;
  • identify any gaps or weaknesses; and
  • recommend practical strategies for the future.


AP Associates Consulting Services

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