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Relationship Management
Negotiation & Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management (CRM) was once thought to be of concern only to commercial business, especially sales. It is now becoming critical to the smooth operation of all types of enterprise. We can help you:  

  • Manage relationships between Government organisations and between public and private sectors.
  • Negotiate contractual relationships.
  • Organise ongoing service delivery.

We also offer a tailored training program to guide your frontline staff with relationship management.

Stakeholder Analysis

Given the complex environments in which we all operate, understanding the role and impact of stakeholders is an important task. Our practical approach to stakeholder analysis is based on a “who, what, when, capacity and priority” mapping exercise, that will deliver a clear plan for stakeholder engagement and management.

It may not be ‘rocket science’, but it gives you what you need.

AP Associates Consulting Services

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